Modernizing Kent Road

One of our latest sales and successes is Kent Road, meticulously planned and executed, this total home makeover transformed a dingy, long-time empty property to a look that was light and airy, yet polished and modern.  New kitchen cabinetry gained more efficient storage space while still maintaining the feel that the space is very large and open, featuring a large picture window with tree-lined views.  Happily bidding farewell to small, cramped and crowded bathrooms, and saying hello to clean-lined vanities and new tile surrounds, shows off the exciting possibilities, beautifully brightening the new, skillfully designed space.

Once again, the team of Roberts Real Estate and Roberts Construction completed a total renovation to meet the needs of today’s family living standards.  This was not simply a cosmetic, surface-focused project, but a Cinderella story of how a piece of property was completely changed from the top, with a new roof with 30-year architectural shingles, to the bottom, with a basement recreation room and den.


A Glimpse From Start to Finish…

Before the Project: Unfinished Basement

Before the Project: Unfinished Basement

Entryway Before Project Completion

Entryway Post Project

Post Project: A Newly Configured Finished Basement Level

Post Project: A Newly Configured Finished Basement Level

Pre-Project View of Breakfast Room

View of Breakfast Room Post Project test

See the Project in Action…

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